Introducing: The Yearly Review

A Proven Process To Reflect On 2023—And Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet

1 simple exercise.10 proven prompts.And a custom AI Assistant to help you breeze through this process.Everything you need to reflect over the past year—and maximize your personal growth in 2024.

Ready to make 2024 your best year yet?

Created by Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole, the creators of...

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Step 1: Recap Your Most Meaningful Moments From The YearStep 2: Recap Your Biggest Wins From The YearStep 3 Organize Your Wins By "Life Theme"Step 4 List Your Mistakes & Anti-Accomplishments From The YearStep 5: List Your Biggest Lessons & Realizations From The YearStep 6: Conduct An End-Of-Year Audit Across All Areas Of Your LifeStep 7: Conduct Your 80/20 AnalysisStep 8: Create Your "Start, Keep, Stop" ListStep 9: BONUS Use Our 3 Prompts To Track Your Weekly ProgressStep 10: BONUS Turn Your Yearly Review Into ContentStep 11: BONUS Get FREE Access To Our "Yearly Review" AI Assistant (And Turn Your Reflections Into Content 10x Faster)